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Everything you seek is seeking you. Free shipping on orders over $50.
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Meet Our Makers

The hemp industry is packed with big brands and celebrity labels, but at Lena we believe that bigger isn't always better.  Lena's mission is to elevate the Davids among an industry of Goliaths.  Our brands are small and emerging woman, LGBTQ, black and family owned.  These makers are trailblazers of quality, style and the power of plants.

Yvonne Perez Emerson - Make & Mary


Story teller

Medicine maker

Portland, OR

Yvonne Perez Emerson is a wild spirited Latinx woman with over 30 years of experience in design and strategy and is the founder of Make & Mary. In 2016 Perez launched Make & Mary to give others hands-on experience in hertiage craft practices combined with the inspiring spiritual and creative benefits of cannabis. "Not very many Latino women are in the cannabis industry, but it's been a part of my family life as a medicinal plant for over 20 years" says Perez. Shop our Make & Mary collection here

Christine Smith - grön




Portland, OR

A fourth-generation Texan, Christine arrived in Oregon in 1999 and embarked on a 20 year career in architecture while her husband opened a medical cannabis dispensary. Fast-forward, and Christine has combined her expertise in design with her husband's craft cannabis knowledge to create grön's line of premier hemp skin, body and haircare products. Christine brings her commitment to uplifting others to everything she does. Smith says, "We are committed to employing women and minorities...those thing are important. Grön is about holistic living and being a better you." Shop our grön collection here

Tess Melody Taylor - TAYLOR + tess




Dallas, TX

Taylor is a collector of degrees, active voice in the cannabis community, and a military brat of two veteran parents who have observed have experienced the power of the plant firsthand. According to Taylor "Family is everything, which is why [Taylor] is first and capitalized. My mother and sister raised me to respect and be kind to everyone regardless of their color, shape, size, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity or socioeconomic status." Her motto sum it up - "Keep everything rooted in your purpose, and don't be an asshole." Shop our Tess + Taylor collection here

Trista Okel - Empower Bodycare




Portland, OR

Okel made her first Empower product in a crock pot as an endeavor to help her mother live better with arthritis pain. More than 15 years later Trista and wife Michele have become leaders in product quality and innovation while remaining committed to activist roots. Okel says of her goals at Empower, "I am working to grow Empower so that I may be able to invest in other women owned businesses." Sounds like a good goal to us. Shop our Empower collection here

Jesse & Shane Richardson - The Brothers Apothecary




Portland, OR

Brothers Shane and Jesse have been bringing innovative hemp products to market since 2015. Their dad, who suffers from fibromyalgia, was a willing guinea pig for their teas, honeys, and topicals. Years of hard work and dedication led them to finding winning formulas from a simple philosophy - combine organic ingredients with top quality, full spectrum hemp. Their business has grown and changed but this philosophy and Jesse's man-bun have not. Shop our Brothers Apothecary collection here

Joyya Cole - Joe + Monroe


IT Manager


Houston, TX

IT manager by day, chandler by night, Joyya does it all. Joyya's passion of art and science are channeled into her luxurious aromas that envelope the user within seconds of the first spark. Though she wears many hats her most fulfilling job is being a mother, which is why she named her business after her grandfather (Joe) and her daughter (middle name Monroe). You'll find Joe+Monroe candles in Lena's gift sets, the perfect treat for any occasion. Shop our gift sets here.